Cost Per Conversion

By John Eberhard When doing pay per click advertising on Google AdWords, Facebook or Bing Ads, getting conversions is the most important result you are going for. A conversion is defined as someone responding to your offer. With a lead generation campaign, that means someone calling you on the phone […] Read more »

SEO Case Studies

By John Eberhard The methods used in SEO change over time and we work hard to keep up on the changes and use the most effective methods possible. And we check a variety of statistics monthly to measure how each SEO campaign is doing. The most important statistic that we […] Read more »

A Facebook “Likes” Ad Campaign

By John Eberhard Companies create a Facebook fan page in order to get their business message out to customers or prospects. Then you can post items of interest on your fan page, creating interest and engagement. The people who will see those posts are people who have “liked” your fan […] Read more »

Reasons to Get a New Website

By John Eberhard Here are a number of reasons why getting a newly designed website would be a good idea right now: Mobile Friendly: If your site was designed years ago, before it became a hard requirement for sites to be mobile friendly, it would be a really good idea […] Read more »

The Importance of a Color Scheme

By John Eberhard I recently began working on a new custom web design for a veterinary ophthalmologist client. The first thing I usually do on such a project is to review 100-150 websites from others in the client’s industry. This gives me ideas, and allows both me and the client […] Read more »