My SEO Journey, Part 5

By John Eberhard I recently started doing heavy research on SEO (search engine optimization) again. The SEO landscape seems to change significantly once every 1-2 years, or even more often than that. A couple weeks ago I wrote Part 4, and that continued the saga of this story which began […] Read more »

My SEO Journey, Part 4

By John Eberhard In January 2016 I published a 3-part article series on SEO and what I had discovered doing an extensive amount of research on what is effective in search engine optimization (SEO). I have just completed another major research project on SEO in order to update my service […] Read more »

Why You Need SEO

By John Eberhard SEO stands for search engine optimization. Basically it is a series of actions you do to drive more traffic to a website, from search engines. If you have a website and have never done any SEO, then chances are you are not getting much in the way […] Read more »

10 Reasons You Need a New Website Now

By John Eberhard If you have an old, out of date, not fully functioning website, it’s time to get it updated. Not only is it absolutely necessary to have a website in the modern business world, it is absolutely necessary that the site looks great. A website is a representative […] Read more »

Website Hacking is on the Rise

By John Eberhard I recently had three client websites get hacked. That means someone managed to log into my client’s hosting account or their WordPress account, and put their own (the hacker’s) content there, or put malware there. According to Google, this is done by people to somehow make money. […] Read more »

PR for Small Businesses

By John Eberhard Even before I started working in the marketing field, I worked as a public relations person for my church. I traveled all around New England holding events, and getting newspaper, radio and TV coverage on our activities. Public relations means to make your works well publicized. In […] Read more »

Pay Per Click Tips

By John Eberhard Pay per click advertising is an umbrella term that applies to any advertising where you pay money every time someone clicks on one of your ads. Some of the programs where you can run pay per click advertising are: Google AdWords Bing Ad Center Facebook advertising Yelp […] Read more »