Pay Per Click Tips

By John Eberhard Pay per click advertising is an umbrella term that applies to any advertising where you pay money every time someone clicks on one of your ads. Some of the programs where you can run pay per click advertising are: Google AdWords Bing Ad Center Facebook advertising Yelp […] Read more »

Google AdWords into 2015

By John Eberhard I recently became Google AdWords Certified and a Google Partner. As part of that cycle I did some training in current AdWords features and had to take two rather grueling tests. I survived. So I thought I would kind of summarize where Google AdWords is heading and […] Read more »

More on Twitter and Hashtags

by John Eberhard I recently wrote an article on the use of hashtags on Twitter. If you can develop a large number of followers on Twitter, then sending out regular messages, called “tweets,” can be effective in marketing a product or service. Hashtags are a phenomenon that has happened on […] Read more »