Navigation on a Website

by John Eberhard A well thought out navigational structure for a website makes it easy for visitors to find all the content. A poorly thought out navigational structure makes it hard for the visitor to find content and prevents the site from being user friendly. Too many sites today use […] Read more »

Top Music Albums

I know this is really non sequitur for a marketing blog, but in my newsletter last week I promised to produce a list of the most influential albums of all time. Since I know it would create endless argument to presume to name the most influential albums of all time, […] Read more »

Landscape Marketing

by John Eberhard Landscape Websites: Getting Your Web Site Re-Designed Right now is an excellent time for landscapers to get their web site re-designed, because every landscape designer or contractor knows that the spring is the busiest time of year. So you want to have a good looking web site […] Read more »

No Longer Recommend

Over the past few years I have developed a link building method for myself and for clients, whereby I set up blogs for the client on 6 free blogging sites, including,,,, and The purpose of doing this is more distribution for the client’s content, […] Read more »