Navigation on a Website

by John Eberhard A well thought out navigational structure for a website makes it easy for visitors to find all the content. A poorly thought out navigational structure makes it hard for the visitor to find content and prevents the site from being user friendly. Too many sites today use […] Read more »

Copyrighted Content

by John Eberhard I want to warn my readers about a new trend that is happening with regard to the Internet. When content is copyrighted, such as written text and pictures, that means that the copyright owner has the sole right to use that content. And if someone else uses […] Read more »

Writing Relevant Content

by John Eberhard If you have a web site, a blog, a newsletter, or any printed promotional materials for your business, you need to be able to write good, relevant content. This is also called “copy,” or the text in your promotional materials. Not everybody is a good writer, and […] Read more »