Web Sites and Smart Phones

by John Eberhard There are currently 1.08 billion smart phone users worldwide, with 91.4 million in the US. 92% use them for sending text messages, 84% for Internet browsing, 76% to send emails, and 59% for social media sites. (See more stats) If you look at a regular HTML web […] Read more »

Navigation on a Website

by John Eberhard A well thought out navigational structure for a website makes it easy for visitors to find all the content. A poorly thought out navigational structure makes it hard for the visitor to find content and prevents the site from being user friendly. Too many sites today use […] Read more »

Responsive Web Design

by John Eberhard In my article last week on New Year’s Resolutions, I realized later that I should have included something on "responsive" web sites. The idea being that people should convert their web sites to being responsive this year. What is this and why is it important? Wikipedia defines […] Read more »

A Premium Web Site

by John Eberhard Everybody wants a good looking web site, but what are the factors that create a really top notch web site as opposed to a boring or mundane design? I have been doing a lot of web design lately, and I want to present my opinions on what […] Read more »