A Brand Story Video

A brand story video is a short video, done for a business, usually 2 minutes or less, that introduces and explains who you are and what your business is.

It is done interview style, meaning interviewing one of the owners or principles of the company. Then while that person is talking, the video goes back and forth between video of that person talking, and what is called B-roll, which is video or still images showing other things in the company. B-roll could consist of showing the products of the company, showing those products being made, showing the staff servicing the company’s customers, or showing the building or multiple locations.

The objective of this type of video is to show the essence of who the owner or principle is, what they are about, and what their vision is for the company.

There are a couple reasons why this type of video is important. First, it helps a company to build relationships with current or new clients or customers, by introducing them to the company and giving them an in-depth understanding of who they are.

Secondly, a brand story video automates the introduction of the company, its products or services, and what it stands for. So when you are trying to educate a new client or customer on what the company is about, you can have them watch the video, and you don’t have to do that same introduction over and over again.

Third, this type of video helps to drive sales by building the relationships, giving the in depth introduction to the company and by automating the process.

So what types of things should be included in a brand story video?

  1. Explain who you are.
  2. Explain why you are passionate about what you do, what drives you.
  3. What are the services or products you offer?
  4. Explain why you are unique in the marketplace, why you are the clear choice for the customer to choose.
  5. The call to action, usually where you tell the person watching to contact you and put up contact info on the screen.

Some business owners, when contemplating this type of interview, are nervous or wonder what they will look like or how it will come out. The answer to that is to do the interview and shoot each section at least a couple times. That way, you will get comfortable on camera, and we have several takes for each section and we can choose the best one.

Another way to get a good interview is to have a list of questions before you start, so that you can make sure all topics and aspects are covered, and you can make sure to bring out the best in the interviewee.



  • We write a script
  • Record a voiceover either of your voice or an AI clone of your voice
  • We include still photos or video content from you
  • Music track included

Price: $1,000

  • We interview you over Zoom
  • We include still photos or video content from you
  • Music track included

Price: $1,500

  • We interview you live at your location
  • We shoot other video footage and still photos at your location
  • Music track included

Price: $3,000 + expenses if any

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