by John Eberhard

One of the important things in marketing a business on Facebook, is to create a business page, then get lots of people to like it. The reason it is important to get lots of people to like the page, is that those people will potentially see the things that you post. And once they have liked the page, a certain percentage of those people will see the things you post on your page.

You can run an ad campaign on Facebook which is specifically geared to getting people to like your page. I am doing this for several Facebook pages right now, including my own and several client pages. I usually run it at $3 per day, and then just let it run. Over time you will build up a sizable group of people who have liked your page. I also watch the results I’m getting from the ad, and change it if the performance is low or if it drops. If I’m running an ad for $3 per day, I want to get at least 3 new likes per day, preferably more. If it drops under 3 per day, I’ll replace the ad. So right now I have several campaigns running very well.

But just recently, I made a change on one of the accounts, in terms of what I would post on the page. No change to the ad, but changes to what I posted on the page. I started posting short video clips that are about the product or service. I have an account with a company called Storyblocks.com, and they have video clips on just about any topic you want. So I started downloading 8-10 second video clips on topic with the client’s Facebook page and business, and then giving a short text blurb about what the company does and contact info.

I’ve been posting these every day for 3 clients and my own Facebook page, and the number of likes per day have doubled. My theory about this is that the videos are making the Facebook pages more attractive and engaging.