The problem I have observed with many small to medium sized business web sites today is that they are not productive, meaning the sites are not producing enough leads or sales.

One of the first things that businesses can do to start generating web leads very quickly is to start with pay-per-click advertising. Google AdWords is the largest of the pay-per-click sites and the most productive at this time. You can also start pay-per-click accounts on Bing and Facebook. A pay-per-click account can start generating leads or sales within a day or two.

In 2024 you can get very good results on Google using display ads and video ads on YouTube.

Then it is good to start doing link building, as this will raise your ranking in Google and other search engines for your most important keywords. But link building is a longer program and takes 6-12 months to build up a large enough quantity of links.

I’ve become a firm believer in adding multimedia, in other words, adding audio and video elements to your site. It makes the site more impactful and accessible to visitors.