Another Viewpoint on Flash

By John Eberhard

I recently posted an article about what’s good and bad in websites, and stated that doing a whole website in Flash was a bad thing because of how search engines could not index the site.

My associate, Rex Perry, a Flash designer ( wrote to me giving another viewpoint on it and I thought it would be good to also air his viewpoint on this:

Hi John,

Nice newsletter!

Really good data in here – I especially like your handling of the subject of SEO in relation to links and linked keywords – this is data I didn’t have and probably most other people don’t either. 

I do want to recommend one correction – it is NOT true that you should not make an entire web site in Flash.  It is also NOT true that Google doesn’t index Flash web sites. 

For example, if you type "jimmer jazz" into Google right now, the very first site you get is the web site I just launched not more than two weeks ago.  You may argue that this is because of the domain name or the title of the site, but the point is that it IS a full Flash web site and it DOES bring up the client’s site on the use of his "handle" as a music artist, which is the name he will be using for his marketing and branding.  There is a correct positioning that would be better for you to use, which is also what I use:

If your running an Internet business that depends on search engine rankings and response for the bulk of it’s success, DON’T make the entire site in Flash as you will need to make use of text and other SEO type content that is better done outside of Flash. 

If you’re Internet presence is involved in entertainment or multimedia-heavy presentations and you are not depending on search engine response for the bulk of visitors finding your site, building a site entirely in Flash can be a good option OR building a site that makes heavy use of Flash would be recommended.

How’s that sound?

Some of the best work I’m doing right now is in the Flash environment.  I have definite technologies available that can make web sites built in Flash also index well on search engines.  And Google, at least, IS indexing Flash now anyway, so the technology is catching up.

Okay, like I said, great newsletter – I need to start putting something out like this of my own.

I like what you do – I also like the fact that your expertise is in a complimentary area to mine, which lends a lot of potential to us getting mutual or collaborative projects.

Okay – talk to you soon.


Rex Perry

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