by John Eberhard

Greetings hearty galactic marketing traveler! In my article last week I introduced the idea of “anti-Marketing,” and told the story of how anti-Marketing particles have leaked into this universe from an alternate universe, where no one is ever permitted to market anything and everyone is poor.

I was very pleased to find that I got more response to this article than any other article I have ever written in 10 years.

So this article is going to continue the story, and specifically outline where the anti-Marketing particles have infected various areas of the Internet, and outline other areas where members of the Galactic Marketing Alliance can still get through and reach customers.

Blocked Gateways

Twitterium: The government of the Twitterium planet became completely infected with anti-Marketing particles in late 2012, and decided to completely block all new members of the Galactic Marketing Alliance from approaching their planet. Only those who had previously developed thousands of connections to citizens of Twitterium could get any communications through.

Prior to a year and a half ago, it was possible to develop thousands of Twitter followers, and send those people marketing messages, usually with a link to other content such as an article or video. Using this method it was possible to generate traffic to a website from Twitter. But about a year and a half ago, Twitter started cracking down on anyone following numbers of new people per day. It has gone from the point where you could follow over 200 people per day, down to now, where they will suspend your account if you follow more than 5 people per day. As a result it is nearly impossible to get a new account past a couple hundred followers. You can still market to your followers now though, if you already have thousands of followers. If not, forget it.

Googlion Sector: The leaders of the Googlion sector became completely infected with anti Marketing particles 3-4 years ago, and have been hard at work blocking any free passage to their sector by members of the Galactic Marketing Alliance. They introduced software that would detect anyone trying to improve their availability or visibility to citizens in the Googlion sector, and would take their ships and deposit them on the remote and inhospitable moon known as “Sandbox.” They also demonized any efforts by marketers to make themselves more available or better known to sector citizens, labeling their actions as unethical or characterized as wearing a “black helmet.”

Google has been working for over 3 years to inhibit the actions of all search engine optimization (SEO) consultants, by making repeated changes to their algorithm that basically target what the SEOs are doing. As a result this whole area is in flux right now. Google’s actions have not been completely effective and some of the actions that SEOs have been doing are still effective. But it is getting impossible to guarantee a result in this area. Many SEOs are saying “OK, then we’ll change over to this action.” But I think they don’t get that Google is actually targeting them and will keep at it until they destroy the ability of anyone to be cause over their organic rankings.

Open Gateways

AdWordsia: Members of the Galactic Marketing Alliance have complete access to the AdWordsia solar system, and can market their products to citizens of the fourth planet. But there are fairly steep tariffs, and so only the largest ships will make the voyage. For those that can afford the fees, they can do good business on AdWordsia.

Google AdWords is a great way to market products or services on the Internet, but due to the large amount of companies using AdWords and the fact that the cost of clicks is driven by competition, you can only use AdWords to market fairly high ticket items. Don‘t try to sell books or CDs here, because you would lose money on every sale. But home improvement and health care services, and other relatively expensive products or services do very well.

LinkedIno: The LinkedIno system offers excellent opportunities for Galactic Marketers to reach the citizens of that solar system. The government there seems to actually like people to come to their system, connect up and conduct trade. The officials there may have been affected by the nearby nebula, whose particles act as a natural deterrent to anti-Marketing particles.

LinkedIn doesn’t seem to mind people connecting up for business purposes. They have a pay per click program which unfortunately is not very good. But you can develop thousands of connections, post messages promoting your products, and even send emails to your connections within the LinkedIn system promoting your products.

YouTubion: The YouTubion sector is still very open to use by members of the Galactic Marketing Alliance. YouTubions developed the technology to send moving pictures and sound through the vast emptiness of space, and Alliance members are completely free to use this technology for reaching out to potential customers in the YouTubion sector. A slight hitch developed when the YouTubion sector came under control of the Googlion sector, and the Googlions took away some helpful information pathways that were helpful to members of the Alliance. Other than that, still smooth sailing through YouTubion space.

YouTube is a great way to market products and services today. There used to be keyword info on each video and that was taken away recently. But starting a channel and putting regular video content on it is a great way to tell your story.

Partially Open Gateways

FaceBorg: The entire FaceBorg system became highly infected with anti Marketing particles, as well as by another particle known as greedium. Galactic Marketers interested in passage through the FaceBorg system (which used to be free), now faced heavy fees entering the system, and for sending communications to the citizens of the planet FaceBorg IV.

You used to be able to market yourself on Facebook either via a personal profile or a fan page, and you could send out marketing messages to your friends or fans. About a year and a half ago Facebook made changes so that only 15-20% of your fan page fans would see any of your posts, unless you paid a fee each time to boost your post to the other 80-85%. Plus Facebook now has a pay per click program to help you get fans. So you pay coming and going.

Emailicus: The Emailicus message protocol was intercepted and decoded by hostile anti-Marketing fighters a decade and a half ago. They put up blocks to this protocol. These blocks and excessive use of the Emailicus gateways threatened to destroy this protocol for good. In recent years, however, intrepid members of the Alliance have revised this gateway and found ways to get their message out.

Excessive use of email, combined with what I call the rise of spam Nazis, threatened to destroy the use of email for any marketing purposes. But now, there are two ways I think are still effective: 1) Develop an in-house list of customers and prospects and email them a newsletter and/or regular marketing info, and 2) Find email lists for sale (not for rent) and market to them. Always follow the laws and offer a working opt-out system of course.

Stay tuned travelers, for more on the Galactic Marketing Alliance in my next article.