WordPress.com Shuts Down Sites

by John Eberhard WordPress.com has started doing something that I consider idiotic. They are taking down any blog on their system if they discover you have been (gasp!) linking to commercial web sites in your blog posts. Another example of the misguided "anti marketing" attitudes you see around in various […] Read more »

SEO Today

by John Eberhard SEO stands for search engine optimization. The purpose of SEO is to get your web site to rank well for certain specific keywords on search engines, so that you get more traffic to the site from those search engines. It used to be that SEO meant taking […] Read more »

Video Marketing 102

by John Eberhard In my last article I talked about video marketing and various statistics that indicate that video marketing is an important tool in marketing your business online today. I also listed out 6 different types of videos that a business could create today to market itself. Recently I […] Read more »

Video Marketing 101

by John Eberhard Since I started doing live action videos (shooting and editing into final form), I’ve been doing research lately on video marketing. Here are some initial results. A recent study by Doubleclick found that people are 4-7 times more likely to respond to dynamic audio visual content than […] Read more »