By John Eberhard

I have a client who does what she calls “developmental editing,” or in other words, editing of the manuscripts of writers. She doesn’t just edit for spelling and grammar, but helps the author really develop the story and the characters. Quite a few of her clients have had their works published by traditional publishers and one of her author clients was just recently signed to a multi-movie deal.

This client came to me in August 2010 and wanted search engine optimization (SEO) done for her web site.

We did keyword research, wrote titles and descriptions and put all that information in the appropriate places on her site. Then we set up multiple blogs for her, and embarked on a link building program that included taking one of her articles and posting it each month on articles directories and on some high profile sites like Squidoo.com and Google Knol, and writing a press release each month and posting it on online PR sites. Both the articles and press releases have also been posted on her multiple blogs.

Then in June 2011 we started working this client’s Twitter account, by adding new followers and posting status updates. When we started this client had 4 followers on Twitter, and we started targeting writers. At first I was doing about 8 status updates for her per month, then a few months ago I switched to doing what are called “auto tweets,” where the software I use sends out 20 tweets per day that I have written for her. These tweets give links to various pages on her web site and to her various articles with advice to writers.

When I started working with this client in August 2010, she was getting around 200 visits to her web site per month. She had 8 keywords on page one of Google and 11 keywords one page one and two. In the first month that we tracked it she got 77 organic referrals from Google, which means 77 times someone searched on Google and clicked on an organic, or non-paid listing that appeared there and arrived on her site. She had 722 links to her site.

In November 2011 this client’s web site got 528 visits, and in December the site got 775 visits, which represents a 287% increase over the traffic the site was getting when we started tracking it. In December the site got 196 organic referrals from Google. She now has 17 keywords on page one of Google and 23 keywords on pages one and two. The site now has 11,200 links to it. And this client now has 2,118 followers on Twitter.

But the real shocker this past month came from Twitter. In December this client got 214 referrals from Twitter. That means 214 people saw a status update on her Twitter account and clicked on the link and came to her site. Of course it helps that she now has 2,118 followers. But the auto tweets appear to be the main cause of that big increase in traffic from Twitter.

A friend told me he was doing the auto tweets and that it was really working for him. I was skeptical of it at first but decided to pilot it on several of my clients. Now I am really sold.

The above shows what a solid SEO program can do when you do consistent link building over a period of time, and it also shows the power of a social media marketing program.