Has the Internet Changed the Basic Nature of Marketing?

by John Eberhard The idea occasionally pops up that the Internet has changed the basic nature of how we do marketing. The idea is that through Internet 2.0, with social media and blogging and all that, that marketing has changed from a top-down conversation to a back and forth conversation. […] Read more »

RWM Blog Categories

By John Eberhard I have been writing a newsletter and blog article nearly every week for the last four years, and I was recently going through my blog and putting all the articles in categories. Blogs are organized in such a way that you can create categories for your articles, […] Read more »

Why You Need to Be Blogging

By John Eberhard Blogging is something that you can do that doesn’t cost you anything, and it drives traffic. It can drive traffic to a standalone blog or a blog that is part of your main web site. How does it drive traffic? There is a network of blog search […] Read more »

How to Decide Which Website Marketing Actions to Do, Part 2: Examples

by John Eberhard In my last article I described all the major methods of website marketing for a company, and explained how to choose which ones are right for your company. In this article I am going to give examples of different types of companies, and how I would evaluate […] Read more »

How to Decide Which Website Marketing Actions to Do

by John Eberhard Whenever a new prospect comes to me, the first thing that I try to do is understand their business and then figure out a strategy, or which of the various website marketing actions would be best for them. I don’t believe in a “one size fits all” […] Read more »

Understanding WordPress

by John Eberhard WordPress has a number of different applications and uses and I thought I would take this article to explain them. Turning Your Site into a WordPress Blog First of all, WordPress is a blogging system that you can install on your website to make it into a […] Read more »

Comment Spam on Blogs

by John Eberhard If you have a blog, one thing you’re almost certain to run into these days is “comment spam.” These are comments that are posted to your blog posts that are generic in nature, meaning they could have posted that same comment on any blog in the world, […] Read more »

The 8 Secrets to Making Your Web Site PRODUCE!

by John Eberhard Many web sites today are not viable, meaning they are not doing what they are supposed to – i.e. producing leads and/or sales. Now I’ll qualify that statement by saying that I’m talking about web sites that are for a commercial purpose. Those sites should be producing […] Read more »

Blogging Basics

by John Eberhard So you want to start a blog? Where do you go and how do you do it? First of all you have to decide whether you want to do this as a professional business or if it’s just a hobby. That will determine how you set it […] Read more »