The Best Marketing Mix for 2014

by John Eberhard I started working in the marketing field in 1989. For those of you that are history-challenged, that was before there was an Internet. I have specialized in Internet marketing for the last 10 years or so, so it is interesting now that I am starting to come […] Read more »

Avoiding Online Scams

by John Eberhard I have a client who does email marketing, sending out emails to various email lists via several companies that have compiled these lists. This client has a very specialized public for his service, so sending out to an email list of this specific public is good for […] Read more »

Correction re Constant Contact

In my recent article I reported that all the major online email services require that when you upload a list of contacts to their service, that they all send out a re-opt-in message to your list. Then everyone who responds now will stay on the list, and everyone who […] Read more »

Online Email Services 2013

by John Eberhard There are a number of online email services being offered. These allow you to do email marketing, to create databases of email addresses that are stored online (not on your computer) and then send emails to them as often as you want. Most of the services charge […] Read more »

Has the Internet Changed the Basic Nature of Marketing?

by John Eberhard The idea occasionally pops up that the Internet has changed the basic nature of how we do marketing. The idea is that through Internet 2.0, with social media and blogging and all that, that marketing has changed from a top-down conversation to a back and forth conversation. […] Read more »

Building an Email List

by John Eberhard Back around 12 years ago I did a lot of email marketing to rented email lists. Then we had the spam email explosion and that basically killed the rented email marketing universe, just because people were getting too much email. I have never been in agreement with […] Read more »

Use of Autoresponders

By John Eberhard An autoresponder is a system that can be set up that sends a person a series of emails. There are a number of useful and important uses for autoresponders. There are a number of email services available online that include autoresponders, including Aweber, iContact, and Mailchimp, where […] Read more »

How to Decide Which Website Marketing Actions to Do, Part 2: Examples

by John Eberhard In my last article I described all the major methods of website marketing for a company, and explained how to choose which ones are right for your company. In this article I am going to give examples of different types of companies, and how I would evaluate […] Read more »

How to Decide Which Website Marketing Actions to Do

by John Eberhard Whenever a new prospect comes to me, the first thing that I try to do is understand their business and then figure out a strategy, or which of the various website marketing actions would be best for them. I don’t believe in a “one size fits all” […] Read more »