Video Marketing Basics

By John Eberhard There has been an explosion of promotional videos over the last several years, but the videos on YouTube don’t always follow the fundamentals. So I thought it would be good to state them. Obviously a promotional video should be good quality in terms of the video and […] Read more »

Google AdWords into 2015

By John Eberhard I recently became Google AdWords Certified and a Google Partner. As part of that cycle I did some training in current AdWords features and had to take two rather grueling tests. I survived. So I thought I would kind of summarize where Google AdWords is heading and […] Read more »

Google Video Ads

by John Eberhard I have been managing Google AdWords accounts for about 10 years, and recently I became a Google Partner and Google AdWords Certified. Google has been fairly aggressive over the last two years in adding new features. One of the newer features and one that I think people […] Read more »

The Best Marketing Mix for 2014

by John Eberhard I started working in the marketing field in 1989. For those of you that are history-challenged, that was before there was an Internet. I have specialized in Internet marketing for the last 10 years or so, so it is interesting now that I am starting to come […] Read more »

Generating Leads with a Web Site

by John Eberhard Everyone who has a web site wants to generate leads with it. Sometimes the site isn’t doing anything. Sometimes it is generating some leads, but not enough. Sometimes it is generating a steady flow of leads, but the owner of the site wants to get more leads […] Read more »

Video Marketing 102

by John Eberhard In my last article I talked about video marketing and various statistics that indicate that video marketing is an important tool in marketing your business online today. I also listed out 6 different types of videos that a business could create today to market itself. Recently I […] Read more »

Video Marketing 101

by John Eberhard Since I started doing live action videos (shooting and editing into final form), I’ve been doing research lately on video marketing. Here are some initial results. A recent study by Doubleclick found that people are 4-7 times more likely to respond to dynamic audio visual content than […] Read more »