Clients Speak

I am not a techie and/or geek and that is why God invented men/women like John Eberhard.  Not only is John always up-to-date on all the latest/greatest SEO and business web design improvements but he knows what is real and what is fluff to keep your business competitive. John’s knowledge comes in second place only to his customer service! He constantly goes the extra mile for his clients almost as if my business was his “baby” as well!

Kenneth J Polke DDS
Author, retired doctor, and ex-NFL quarterback


“Working with John Eberhard was an absolute pleasure. Thanks to his excellence and creativity, I have a new website that I will be proud to use. He took my old, dated and bland website and transformed it, by designing one that is both beautiful and very effective at communicating the essence of my practice. It will, no doubt, improve my web presence greatly. I give John my highest recommendation. If you are considering a new website, I cannot think of anyone else I would rather work with than John.”

Dr. Steven Laider
Creskill, NJ


I’ve been working with John Eberhard and RealWebMarketing.net for probably two years now. The defining characteristic that I found most appealing is John’s desire to “get it right.” I’ll come up with an idea and then John will take that idea and expand on it several different ways in order to make it more effective. John knows a great deal about Internet Marketing but he doesn’t come across ever in a patronizing way. He zeroes in on what you need and want and then dips into his toolbox to find the right tools for your scene.

He has designed a number of web sites for me. The most recent web site— https://employeetestingcenter.com/ — has produced tremendous feedback from people visiting it. They love the design, the ease of navigation, the compelling content. But frankly, that “type” of feedback means very little to me. What I really want from my web site is “new customers” and John has helped generate a superb conversion rate! A very high percentage of visitors to my web site take 20-30 minutes to fill out a 200 question employee test to see for themselves how accurate our testing service is. That’s very different from someone signing up for a free newsletter or clicking a box requesting “more info.” So, all in all, John has helped me launch a new business that has a very bright future. Hire him and he’ll do the same for you.

Stan Dubin
Effective Solutions
Clearwater, FL


As a business owner, I realized early on, the necessity of establishing my services in the marketplace. In the past several years, I relied on ‘word of mouth’ advertising and in an up market, this worked quite well. I realized shortly after the beginning of the New Year this wouldn’t necessarily be the case.

I knew it was important to create a full on marketing campaign and I needed the services of a marketing expert that could produce a great web site as well as provide direct mailers and other services very quickly. That is where John Eberhard of Real Web Marketing came in. Within weeks we had a new web site up and running with all the information I needed to relay to my customers very neatly laid out. I even had links to my blogs and various press releases. Within a week or so after that, I had several thousand pieces of mail sent to potential customers with a timeline established as to how to run a continuous direct mail campaign.

Our common goal was to drive as many customers to our business as possible, as fast as possible with the intention of having these customers reach for our landscape design and installation services. To date, we are accomplishing this goal very well.

As an added bonus, Real Web Marketing has taken the time to educate me as to how I can service my web site better to drive more customers to it. I feel like my potential customers can really see what I do and how I do it and they can get a great overview of who I am and what I can do for them. I now feel much more causative over my marketing strategy than I have ever been and I think anyone who feels like they could use a fast, reliable source for their marketing should contact John at Real Web Marketing.net.

Annie St. Claire
Through the Woods Design
Los Angeles, CA


John Eberhard built me a website for my new company (877) Smile Today, which is a dental referral program.

We are a brand new entity and the website would be our first foot forward into the business world and the site was just wonderful. It was eye catching and communicated what I needed it to communicate. When John did a press release on the launch of the website it was picked up world wide!

I have received many compliments on this site and I am eager now for the optimization to be completed and site to be seen by many others as I am very proud of it!

Marina Shea
Shadow Hills, CA


Real Web Marketing service is five star! I am so pleased with my website. John is always willing to help with any questions that I encounter even after the site has been up. His patience, competence, and help are the reasons I highly recommend him. I am so happy to have chosen him and so appreciative of his services!

Andrea Augustson
Mobile Notary
Los Angeles, CA


I’ve used Real Web Marketing for a number of online marketing campaigns and always found them fair, reasonable and courteous. Great company, great people.

Alan Burke

Minneapolis, MN


John does a really great job.  Just recently our website got hacked.  I didn’t even know that was possible.  John got it back up and running and gave us a long term solution so that it wouldn’t happen again.  I was relieved and very happy.  His advice and his caring are way beyond what you’d expect.

Mary Lynne Wolfe
Brite Smiles Dental Care

Minneapolis, MN


Our company is very happy with Real Web Marketing.  We are receiving a lot more clients and the report we get from John each month is incredibly helpful.  Would recommend this team to anyone.  After trying to manage things myself for several months, I was so happy to turn this over to John and team.

Samantha S.
Beverly Hills, CA