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While email marketing to rented email lists is not the bonanza it was several years ago, there are still some types of rented lists that work quite well.

However, the biggest area where email marketing is effective today is sending email to your own in-house email lists, i.e. lists of customers and prospects that you build up over time.

RealWebMarketing.net can help you with this in two ways. First, we can set up your web site so you capture email addresses from web visitors as much as possible. Most web sites are designed very poorly in terms of accomplishing this, and we can help you come up with ways to capture the identities of a greater share of your visitors. And having a large in-house email list is a tremendous resource in today’s business world, because you can promote to that list regularly without having to pay printing, mailing or advertising fees.

Secondly, we can design and send out email campaigns to your in-house lists, to your customers, prospects, or both.

We can also set up autoresponders, so that for instance, every time someone subscribes to your list or contacts you via a web form, they then receive several timed sales emails (i.e. going out to them every couple days) selling your products or services.

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