By John Eberhard

There is a relatively new option for local businesses to advertise on Google called Local Service Ads.

This option has actually been around since 2005, but originally was only available to plumbers. About a year ago Google opened this up to over 70 different types of businesses, and I have just started seeing these types of ads recently. Here’s from their website listing the categories of businesses that can use it.

local service ads

If you find your type of business there, you can utilize this type of advertising. Here’s what a Local Service Ad looks like:

local service ad example

Note that these ads appear at the very top of Google search results. And rather than paying for each click, you pay for each phone call. According to research I’ve done, the cost per phone call varies between $100 and $200. If that seems like a lot, consider that with other types of advertising you are often paying by the click and only a certain number of the people clicking on an ad will contact you. So the $100-200 price tag for leads will probably be lower than for many other types of advertising.

For local businesses, Local Service Ads can be a great option. Contact us at 661-441-2429 or fill out a form here if you’d like help setting up this type of advertising for your local business.