By John Eberhard

Local SEO has become more and more important for local businesses, i.e. those that serve only a local area, such as health care practices, home improvement businesses, restaurants, etc.

For the most part local SEO consists of setting up an account on Google Business Profile, then taking actions to optimize that listing.

When you go to Google and search for some type of local business, one of the types of listings that come up is the map area, or “Places.” It shows a map with pins on it, with contact info on each of the businesses. Here’s what it looks like when I search “chiropractor Palmdale CA.”

google places 2024

One of the unfortunate things about the map area on Google is it basically shows only 3-4 listings on page one. You can click the button for more places and see as many listings as there are, but not many people do that. So the game really is to be listed in the top 3.

So what can you do if you have a Google Business Profile but it’s way down the list?

There are a number of actions that can be done to optimize your listing, and these can move you up the listings. I recently had one home improvement company client that was well down in the listings and I got them up to the #3 position, so they are now on page one.

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