by John Eberhard

I recently had a friend send out an email asking specifically how to make money blogging. I think this is a relatively simple issue, although doing it is not necessarily easy. Here’s my take on it and what I told him to do.

1. Start a blog that is specifically about some topic related to a product or service that you deliver.
2. Set up the blog with sidebars and with links to the website offering the product or service. If you sell products put pictures of the products in the sidebars. Also put a picture of yourself. Also ensure you have contact info on the blog.
3. Write articles that are about the topic of the product or service, but that give helpful information, not a full product pitch. If anything, at the end of the article give a very short product pitch.
4. After every article you write and post on the blog, go to www.pingomatic.com that sends out a notification to 25 blog search engines so that your post is immediately indexed in the blog search engines such as technorati.com.
5. As you write articles, check your visitor stats on the blog, so you can see which topics really connect with readers.
6. Put up a mechanism on the blog whereby people can subscribe and automatically be sent the new blog post.
7. Write something new and post to the blog regularly, minimally once a week, the more often the better.
8. Write compelling, interesting articles that will develop a following.