No Longer Recommend

Over the past few years I have developed a link building method for myself and for clients, whereby I set up blogs for the client on 6 free blogging sites, including,,,, and

The purpose of doing this is more distribution for the client’s content, but the main purpose is to develop more links to the client’s main site.

But recently I was contacted by and told that they had disabled my blog there for my business, because I was including links in my post. After email clarification going back and forth I verified that that is what they meant and that their reason was they objected to my including links in my blog posts.

I think this is idiotic, similar to the objection that has to people including multiple links in their articles posted on their web site (you can’t have more than one link). Being a marketing person for 21 years, I have never understood the strange “anti-marketing” bias that is exhibited by some techie types.

I can no longer recommend and predict their eventual demise.

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