by John Eberhard

One of the axioms of website marketing is that you can have a great web site or blog and great content but if nobody knows about it, it won’t do you any good.

With a blog, the ideal frequency for writing and posting something is once a week or more often. But with blogs, you can be writing great blog posts once a week and if you don’t let anybody know about them, you will get little to no benefit from it. Basically nobody will come and see your blog posts.

Luckily, with blogs, there is a free mechanism that allows you to promote your blog post broadly. And this mechanism does work and does drive volume traffic to your blog when used properly.

First of all, there are about 30 search engines that are specifically geared towards blogs and their content. The largest of these is www.technorati.com. And there is a way to send out a notification, called a “ping,” to all those search engines after each of your blog posts.

Once the blog search engines receive the ping, they will send an automated “spider” to your blog and index, or include, your new blog posts into their engines. Then, when someone goes to one of the blog search engines and enters a search phrase that fits with the content of your blog post, your blog post will come up in the listings. Thus you can see that it pays to do keyword research and know what search phrases people are commonly using, and to include those phrases in your blog posts. That way more people will see your blog posts.

If you have a WordPress blog, or if you have a free blog on WordPress.com or Blog.com, you can configure your blog so that it sends out pings to the blog search engines automatically every time you post something.

Other blogs such as Typepad, or other free blogging sites like Blogger, Posterous, or LiveJournal, do NOT send pings automatically, broadly. But you can use a great free service called www.pingomatic.com which allows you to send out pings to all the blog search engines and takes about a minute.

I have been doing blogging for about two years, putting new articles up on the blog religiously, once a week. About a year ago I started accounts on all the free blogging services: WordPress.com, Blogger.com, Posterous.com, LiveJournal.com and Blog.com, and I use Posterous.com to send out my blog posts automatically to all my blogs. I post it once on Posterous.com and it goes out to all the blogs.

Once I post any new content to my blog, I go to www.pingomatic.com and send out pings to all the blog search engines for all the blogs that do not do automatic pinging.

My main blog (www.realwebmarketingblog.com) and all my free blogs have links to my main web site (www.realwebmarketing.net), and this system drives more traffic to my main web site month in and month out than any other source, including Google, Yahoo or MSN.

So writing regular content, once a week, and pinging the blog search engines does work and does drive volume traffic to your blog. And that way more people see your blog posts, and a certain percentage of them will then decide to pay you money and buy whatever product or service you are selling. Not a bad deal.