By John Eberhard

I have been writing a newsletter and blog article nearly every week for the last four years, and I was recently going through my blog and putting all the articles in categories. Blogs are organized in such a way that you can create categories for your articles, then assign each article to one or more categories.

Once you assign your articles to categories, the blog will display all the categories, you can click on one, then see all the articles that are in that category. It’s sort of a table of contents structure.

While I was doing this I was struck by how much material I had on all the various topics. And it occurred to me that probably most people, even those who follow my articles closely (and I occasionally meet people who say they keep all the newsletters and put them in a folder), have not been exposed to all of these articles.

So I decided to provide links to all of my blog categories. These can now also be seen on the sidebar of my website. The numbers next to each category show how many articles are in that category.

If you click on a category name the link will take you to that category and you will see all the titles plus a short excerpt from each article.