Local Marketing

The marketing of a local business, one that just sells products or services within a limited geographical area, such as a restaurant, a health care practice, or a home improvement company, is a special issue and has to be treated differently from a business that can sell its products or services nationally or internationally.

What’s More Important for a Local Business

Google Maps/Places/Google My Business: Google has completely changed the search landscape with the introduction of Google Maps/Places, now called Google My Business. When someone enters a search that Google determines is local in nature, they put up a map in the right hand column showing businesses near you. And then you will see listings in the left hand column related to the red dots on that map. Google keeps changing the way the listings are displayed. Right now there is a special section in the left hand column with all the Google Maps listings. See below for a screen shot of a search for pizza.

Local Marketing

Here is the sequence for setting up local marketing for your business:

1. Setting up accounts on Google Maps/Places/Google My Business, Yahoo Local and Bing Local.

2. Set up listings on other local business directory web sites. These are known as "citations" and help to push your listing to the top in Google Maps.

3. Get lots of positive customer reviews on Google and other sites.

4. Selecting local oriented keywords, then researching the traffic and competition for these keywords. Selecting the best keywords based on traffic and competition.

5. Search Engine Optimization: Placing those keywords in strategic areas of your site, so that your site ranks well on search engines in organic results (not Google Maps) for the local oriented keywords.

6. Build up links to your site coming from other web sites.

Once the initial setup is done, we continue working on adding more and more citations and reviews in order to push your listing to the top.

Local Marketing Programs

Real Web Marketing offers several effective Local Marketing programs that will get your site ranking on page one for Google Maps and Yahoo and Bing Local. To find out more, call us today at (661) 441-2429 or fill out the form below.


Silver Plan

Gold Plan

Platinum Extreme Plan

Set your business up on Google Maps/Places, Yahoo Local and Bing Local

Set up accounts for you on 10 other local business directory sites

Create more citation listings for your business each month

Set up the Online Review Machine

Get you more reviews each month

Research local oriented keywords


SEO on site using local keywords


Set up free blogs for you on sites like Blogger.com

Write one press release per month and post it to online PR sites and on blogs

Write article for you



Post article on 50 article directories



Customized programs are alao available.

Find Out How Local Marketing Can Benefit You

To find out more about how these powerful Local Marketing Programs can help you, please fill out the form below.


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