Pay Per Click Advertising

One of the fastest methods of online marketing today is pay-per-click advertising, utilizing Google AdWords, Microsoft Ad Center, and Facebook. We set up pay-per-click accounts and manage them for clients, in order to help them get the best possible results.

With paid search, you can literally start an account and start getting results within days.

At Real Web Marketing Inc. we will set up a pay-per-click advertising account for your company on Google and/or the other providers, and then manage the account thereafter on a monthly basis, so that you continue to get the best possible results.

The First Month

During the first month, we will conduct the following actions to get your accounts online and producing:

1. Determine your goals, desired budget, whether you want an account on Google, Facebook, Bing or the other providers, and so on

2. Do a keyword selection process, during which we create a list of keywords to be used in your pay per click campaigns.

3. Create ads that will appear on Google or the other providers whenever a prospect types in your keywords.

4. Create landing pages. These are the pages where your prospect "lands" when he clicks on one of your text ads. The way these pages are designed is very important, and in most cases this should not be your home page.

5. Create the accounts on either Google, Bing, or Facebook, then upload your ads, keywords, and get the campaign rolling.

Monthly Account Management

After we get the whole campaign created and online, we then manage it to get the best possible results for your business.This will often include testing variations to your campaign and carefully monitoring the results, so we develop and discover the best possible form for your campaign to get the best possible clickthroughs and conversions.

Free Pay Per Click Account Analysis

If you already have a pay per click account running and are spending at least $1,000 per month, we are offering a Free Analysis of your account, where we can make recommendations for improvement. No obligation.

Find Out How Pay-Per-Click Search Engine Marketing Can Benefit You

To find out more about how this powerful marketing method can help you, to get a quote on the costs involved, or to get a Free PPC Account Analysis, please fill out the form below, or call us 661-441-2429.

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