Video Portfolio

Here are some of the videos we have produced for clients.

This is a video introduction to the new company Effective Practice Management.

This is a bio video of Dr. Kevin Adney, a member of the advisory board for Effective Practice Management.

This is a video produced for, explaining the basics of PEMF, or Pulsed ElectroMagnetic Field.

This is a video produced for, on the dangers of exposure to man-made ElectroMagnetic Fields.

This is a video giving the highlights of the Ulan Nutrional Systems Fall 2019 Symposium.

This is a video produced for Ulan Nutritional Systems featuring the PEMF (Pulsed ElectroMagnetic Fields) Therapy Ring.

This is a promo video we created for Dr. Jason Mounts, a dentist in Little Rock, AR. This video was created with just still photos sent to us by Dr. Mounts.

This is a video we produced for California Contemporary Ballet, about their production of a new original ballet based on the stoy "Thumbelina." This video was produced for fund-raising purposes.

This is a promotional video we created for Julian Construction, a company specializing in home foundation repair in Los Angeles.

This is a video we produced for Aero & Marine Tax Professionals in Sacramento, CA, of a seminar they held in Medford, OR discussing their services helping people purchasing aircraft to avoid paying sales tax.

This is a video we produced for Suan Mary Malone of Malone Editorial. She is a developmental editor, meaning she takes book manuscripts from writers and helps them get the book into the best shape so they can get published by traditional publishers. Over 40 of her clients have been published by traditional publishers.

This is a second video we have produced for Susan Mary Malone of Malone Editorial Services.

Video Production

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