Video Production

The time of the online business video has come. We’re talking about videos that businesses get produced for them, that explain what the business does or show their products or services and sell them. These are usually 2-5 minute videos, placed in strategic places on the company’s web site and uploaded to online video sharing sites.

If you can engage his attention in a fast, high-impact, compelling, visual way, with a well-produced business video, then you’re being more competitive.

Videos and multimedia are part and parcel of the new Web 2.0, i.e. the new way that business is conducted on the web. Today, static text content, PLUS images, video, audio clips, animations and blogs give a true multimedia experience for the visitor.

It’s important to place your video prominently on the site. Don’t hide it way inside the site. The video is like an introduction, so it has to go near the beginning of the whole browsing cycle.

Here is a video we produced for Ulan Nutritional Systems.

Video Production

RealWebMarketing.net will produce an HD video for you explaining what your business does, and selling your products or services. We can create anything from a simple Powerpoint slide show style video to a live action video showing your company and staff, interviews with your company owners, testimonial interviews with your customers, and video footage showing your products or services. Plus we will create a professional intro and ending for the video which will feature custom music. We will then place it prominently on your web site, and upload it to video sharing sites.

See our Video Portfolio.

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