by John Eberhard

I recently came across some demographic information on the various social media sites, i.e. who uses them, that I thought would be very interesting and helpful to people in terms of deciding which sites to use to market their business.

There is an article on www.pingdom.com entitled “Report: Social network demographics in 2012.”

This article breaks down who the audience is of the main social media sites by age and gender. Take a look at this chart:

I found this information surprising. Note what percentage of the audience of some of the top sites are over 35 years old:

Facebook: 65% of users are over 35 years old

Twitter: 55% of users are over 35 years old

LinkedIn: 79% of users are over 35 years old

I guess no big surprise on LinkedIn, as that is a site that is really geared towards professionals and business networking. But Facebook? 65% over 35 years old.

This charts breaks down social media sites audiences by gender:

Once again I am surprised by the results. Except for a small handful of the sites reviewed, most are frequented by over 50% females. 60% of the audience for both Facebook and Twitter are female. Even LinkedIn: 53% female. The audience for Pinterest is 79% female. And the audience for Blogger is 66% female.

Social Media Users by Income

The next bit of information is from www.kissmetrics.com, from an article on their blog entitled “Who Likes What?”.

$0-25K $25-50K $50-75K $75-100K $100-150K $150K+
Facebook 12% 34% 32% 12% 7% 4%
Twitter 15% 33% 25% 16% 7% 4%
MySpace 12% 51% 22% 9% 4% 2%
Digg 19% 37% 21% 15% 5% 3%

Social Media Users by Education Level:

No HS Diploma High School Some college Bachelors Degree Graduate Degree
Facebook 10% 10% 55% 18% 8%
Twitter 7% 7% 49% 28% 9%
MySpace 14% 8% 63% 12% 4%
Digg 8% 7% 43% 33% 9%
StumbleUpon 7% 6% 55% 26% 7%
YouTube 13% 10% 51% 18% 8%

By knowing who is frequenting the various social media sites, and comparing that to the demographics of your business, i.e. who buys your products or services, you can make intelligent decisions on which social media sites to use in marketing your business.

(Grateful acknowledgement to Pingdom.com for permission to reprint their charts above.)