by John Eberhard

The vital first step of social media marketing is getting a high volume of friends, followers and connections. So once you are working on that, what should you say to them?

In other words, what type of communications should you put out in your own status updates, i.e. the communications that go out to all your social media connections?

Well first of all I recommend that you set up an account on www.bufferapp.com and connect up all your social media accounts to it. That way when you post something on Bufferapp.com, it goes out to all your social media accounts and you don’t have to log into a bunch of accounts to send your message. That saves a lot of time.

But back to what you should say. Your strategy of course will have to work with your personality and what you feel comfortable saying in your social media marketing. But here are some tips.

1. I have had a successful strategy with regard to my business, whereby I post messages saying what I am working on at the time, such as “I am setting up a new Google AdWords account for a client,” or “I am designing a new web site for a veterinarian,” or “I am adding more Twitter followers for a client.” What this does do is create good “top of mind awareness.” That’s where when someone thinks of an Internet marketing consultant, I’m one of the guys they think of. I have gotten substantial business from social media using this strategy. You may be able to use this strategy to create top of mind awareness for your company.

2. Every time you post new content on your blog, you should put out a status update saying “See my new blog post,” then the name of your article, then a link to it. Since the number of characters you get on Twitter (and Ping.fm) is only 140, it makes sense to use a URL shortener for the address of the article.

3. If your company puts up a new video on YouTube, post an update about it with a link to the video.

4. If you publish a press release on your web site or blog, post an update about this with a link to it.

5. I have one client where I put together client testimonials for him and post them on his web site. Every time one of these goes up, I post a status update about it to his social media accounts.

6. If your company releases any type of special report or white paper related to a topic within your industry, post a link to it. Usually these are offered in such a way that the person has to give you his name and email to get the report, as a method of lead generation. So post a link to the signup page.

7. You can post a link to some interesting article or video you found relating to your industry.

8. Whenever you have an event coming up, like a seminar, class, speech, webinar, or appearance at a trade show, post something announcing it.

9. If you are having a sale or special, you should definitely post about it, possibly several times.

10. Avoid making every single status update a pitch for your business. While you should post about all your seminars, classes, speeches, webinars, or trade show appearances, if all you ever post are pitches for your promotional actions, it could cause people to tune you out or even hide your posts or unfriend you. I think it is helpful to throw in some personal stuff, like a trip you’re taking, or a sports event or concert you attended.

It is definitely a good idea to post status updates to your social media accounts frequently. It all comes under the heading of creating top of mind awareness. Using these tips you can increase your posting frequency.