The Social Media Gateway Page

by John Eberhard

I have just started providing a new service to clients, the creation of a “social media gateway page.” This is a web page that gives information about you or your company, and also contains links to your presences on various social media web sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, MySpace and so on. The page also contains links to any web sites or blogs you maintain, all your contact information, and can contain links to any products you sell or any other activities in which you are involved, such as hobbies, charities and so on.

You can see one of these gateway pages that I just produced for my client Stan Dubin here.

The purpose of such a page is to easily allow anyone interested in you, your activities or your company, to connect up with you on these social media sites and follow your activities. Another purpose is to connect and display all the varied activities in which you are involved, all in one place.

For instance, if the person visiting this social media gateway page is a Facebook user, this page makes it easy for them to find your Facebook profile and become one of your Facebook friends. Once connected, he will be able to see and follow your regular Facebook status updates.

If the person visiting this page is a Twitter user, the gateway page makes it easy for them to find you on Twitter and become one of your followers. Then they will be able to see your regular updates on Twitter.

Similarly, people can connect up and follow your activities on MySpace, LinkedIn, Plaxo, or a variety of other social media sites.

A social media gateway page can be put up on a separate domain (i.e. or as a sub-page on one of your existing web sites (i.e.

If you or your company have a lot of activities going on, a social media gateway page is a great way to connect up people to you and get them following your updates on social media sites.

In the case of my client Stan Dubin, whom I mention above, he has a presence on Facebook, three accounts on Twitter (one each for three different activities he is involved in), a presence on LinkedIn, Skype, StumbleUpon, and a V-card (which gives all his contact information). Stan’s gateway page also contains links to several web sites that he runs for employee testing, marriage tips and online marketing tips, and contains links to two books that he has written (where people can buy them of course). And of course the page contains his phone, address and email.

We can create such a page for you, and we can also do two additional actions for you if required:

  1. We can set up accounts for you on a wide variety of social media web sites, and
  2. We can maintain these social media sites, work the account to add lots of friends, followers, etc., post regular updates on your activities, and respond for you to people communicating to you on these sites.

I believe this type of social media gateway page contains a lot of potential for many people, particularly if you are active on Facebook and Twitter and other social media sites, and if you have a number of activities and want to tie them all together in one place. It will definitely aid you in connecting with more people, which is basically what social media is all about.

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