Using Tweet Adder to Boost Your Twitter Followers

by John Eberhard

Twitter can be a very effective way of promoting your business and accomplishing social media marketing. But in order to do that, you have to have a lot of followers. And your followers can't just be anyone, as many of them as possible should be your target public for your business. So how do you do that?

A while back I was using an online service called Tweet Spinner, but they changed their system to only allow you to do a couple of actions per day with the free service. So I bought some software called Tweet Adder (for a one time fee, not monthly like Tweet Spinner), which I have been using for several months to boost the followers on my own and client Twitter accounts.

With Tweet Adder you can automatically follow a bunch of people that fit a certain criteria, such as:

  • They posted something with certain words in it
  • They have certain words in their bio
  • They live in a certain area

The idea is that you follow them, and a certain percentage, not all, will follow you back.

Let me explain how each of the three points above are useful. Let's say you want to target business owners, nationally. You find people who include the words "business owner" or "entrepreneur" in their profile bio. Then you follow a bunch each day and a certain percentage will follow you back.

Or let's say you are a local dance school. So you target people who posted something with your keywords in it "dance," "dance class," etc., AND that live in a certain geographical area.

Or let's say you have a home improvement company. You might target all people that live in a certain geographical area, with the idea that many of them are home owners.

Now that I’ve been doing this for two months, here’s some idea of the results. On my own Twitter account for my business, I went from 2,500 followers to 5,637. For one of my clients, I went from 1,293 followers to 1,746.

I find it works best to open the software every other day or so, then do the following:

  • Add new people to follow: You can do a search for people that have posted certain keywords in their posts, or that have certain keywords in their bio, or that live in a certain geographical area. Then those get added to your list of people to follow. Depending on how many followers you have, you can follow say 10% to 15% of that number per day, though at higher numbers of followers it is less.
  • Follow backs: The software shows you how many people have followed you, that you don’t follow yet. Click a button and it follows them all back.
  • Un-follow: The software will show you how many people you have followed, that did not follow you back. You can set this to wait a certain number of days (3 days is the default) before putting them on the un-follow list. Click a button and the software removes these people from the list of people you're following.

A note on follow backs is that you have to be posting stuff to your Twitter accounts (tweets) regularly in order to get a flow of people following you. If you don't post anything, by and large no one will follow you without your following them first.

What I like about the Tweet Adder system is that by selecting people using the above criteria (keywords, where they live), I find that I can get mostly people who are my target audience. This is much better than some web sites that you can use to add a couple thousand random people.

Good luck with marketing your business with Twitter and social media marketing.

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