By John Eberhard

Every web site owner wants more traffic to their web site. Twitter can be a great and continuing source of web site traffic. How do you accomplish this marketing on Twitter?

A Large List of Followers

The first thing you have to do is develop a lot of followers. Twitter’s system is built on people following you, and people that you follow, and those are separate lists. So you have to build up the list of people following YOU, as those are the people that will see your messages that you send out on Twitter.

I do not recommend buying large numbers of Twitter followers, as these will largely be overseas Twitter accounts and likely not your target public. As much as possible you want to get people following you who are likely to be the target public that will buy your products or services.

There are two ways to build up a sizable Twitter following that are the right public:

  1. Follow people on Twitter that are your target public, and a certain percentage of them will follow you back. You can use criteria such as their geographical location, having certain keywords in their Twitter bio, or having certain keywords in their tweets.
  2. By putting out a regular number of tweets yourself, using keywords in the tweets that relate  to your business, other people will search for tweets with those keywords and will then follow you

For #1 above, we use three methods; a program called Tweet Adder, a web site called, and Twitter itself.

#2 above will get you some followers, but usually not huge amounts.

If you regularly tweet things that have value to others, you may get lucky enough to have others retweeting your messages. I recently started getting a group of people regularly retweeting my Twitter posts; about 6-7 people right now. That of course increases your reach on Twitter.

By doing #1 above you will get to a point, if you don’t unfollow people, where you reach a ceiling that Twitter has of following 2,000 people, and they won’t let you follow any more people at that point until you get the list of people following YOU over 2,000. What we do is un-follow people who have not followed us back. Tweet Adder and allow you to do this easily. Twitter doesn’t like this, and they refer to it as “follower churn.” But I have used this technique to successfully get half a dozen accounts over 2,000 followers, and a handful over 10,000 followers. My own account has 17,311 followers.

The point is that you need thousands of Twitter followers in order for it to do any good.


You need to send out regular tweets to your followers list. We use Tweet Adder, and using that software you can create a list of “auto tweets.” That means a list of tweets that you enter into the software, then it automatically sends those tweets out on a random basis, at a number per day that you specify. With most of our accounts we send 20 per day, spaced throughout the day.

So what do you want to put in your tweets? Excellent question, and this is important. You generally want to promote things from your web site, your blog, or your videos on YouTube. Such as saying “See my article Using Twitter to Develop Web Site Traffic’” and then including the URL where they can click to see that article. Promote your services. Promote your videos. I find that promoting blog articles, with titles that attract people in your target public audience, is very effective.

You definitely want to include a URL in the tweet, so that people can click on it and come to your site, blog or YouTube. Since you are limited to 140 characters on Twitter, you definitely want to use a URL shortener, such as, which is the one we like to use.

If you use hashtags, that will increase the size of your audience for the tweets, because people will search for popular hashtags, who are not on your followers list. See my previous articles on hashtags on Twitter:

If you create a list of auto tweets, it is necessary to regularly update the list so you are sending out new stuff. If you send out the same list of auto tweets for months on end, people will lose interest.


I have several clients getting several hundred visits to their site each month from Twitter, using the methods outlined above.

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