Video Marketing

Once you have some videos produced, how do you use them to market your business? Here re some tips.

1. Post the videos to YouTube. Regardless of any other video sharing sites you post them on, you should always post them on YouTube. Because YouTube’s search engine has the second highest traffic of any search engine on the planet, second only to Google

2. Post the videos on your website, especially on pages that are of the same topic as the video.

3. Post the videos on your blog.

4. Post the videos on social media. On Facebook you can just post the URL of the video from YouTube, and it will display in your feed. But if you actually upload the full video file to Facebook, it will start playing (without sound) when people scroll across it on their feed. They can click on it to hear the sound.

5. You can run a paid campaign for your video on Google Ads, which then makes the video display on YouTube before other videos (called a “pre-roll” video). This gets your video seen and gets you a lot of views. You pay if someone watches it for more than 10 seconds, and it counts as a YouTube view if they watch it for more than 30 seconds.

Real Web Marketing can help you with all aspects of video marketing, including video production, posting them in all the appropriate places, and running YouTube advertising for you via Google Ads. Call us at 661-441-2429 for more information.