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Does Your Business Need Video?

Videos are a powerful way to market your business.

A recent study by Doubleclick found that people are 4-7 times more likely to respond to dynamic audio-visual content than static content. This fits with our experience over the last few years in managing pay per click advertising, where we have found that we always got higher response when we put audio clips or video on our landing pages.

A Forester study found that email clickthrough rates were 2-3 times higher with video, i.e. when you link in the email to a video. Marketing Sherpa found that viewers spend 8 times more time on video (1.5 minutes) than on static emails (10 seconds). Flimp.com reported that for their email campaigns involving video, the clickthrough rate was 32%.

Videos have 41% higher clickthrough rate than plain text in search results.

It’s clear that adding video to your web site, your YouTube channel, and into your marketing campaigns is a positive thing. So yes, your business does need videos.

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