By John Eberhard

Many business owners probably don’t know that it is possible today to have videos made for your company with all or mostly stock visual content.

By stock visual content I mean stock photos, and stock video clips. Today there are numerous stock video websites where you can search for and find virtually any type of video clips you want or need. I use a site called storyblocks.com and it includes thousands of video clips on virtually any topic.

The typical sequence of actions is to write a script, get it recorded as a voiceover or use an AI generated voice, then put together the video in video editing software, adding in video clips that illustrate what is being discussed in the voiceover. Sometimes it is easier to find a still image than a video clip on a given topic, so you can use a still image for that segment.

I used to make these kinds of videos with just still images, but the proliferation of affordable stock video houses has made it easier to use video clips, and video adds more action and motion to the video and makes it more alive.

If you have still images or video content of the company, its people or products, those of course can be added in too. And that makes the video more personalized and customized to the company. But the point is that even if you don’t have pictures or video of the company, you can still make an informative and visually interesting video with just stock images and video, or with stock content and a handful of photos of the company, its logo, etc.

What does all this mean for the business owner? You can get a number of types of video created for your company, more quickly and easily and at a more affordable price than with having a crew come out and film at your location.

Some examples of videos with all or mostly stock video content include: