Web Authoring Programs

By John Eberhard

In an earlier blog post I advised people not to use Content Management Systems for the overall design of a web site, as these typically place huge limitations on what you can put on a page, where it can go and how big it can be.

I advised people to instead buy one of the popular web authoring programs like Dreamweaver of Adobe GoLive, or Microsoft FrontPage.

A couple colleagues emailed to tell me that Adobe, as of the Creative Suite 3 (CS3) package, no longer sells GoLive, which they sold up until CS2.

Another colleague told me that Microsoft no longer sells FrontPage, and now they sell a program called Expression Web2. I haven’t used it and know virtually nothing about it.

Personally, for web site design, Adobe Dreamweaver, along with Photoshop to make your graphics, is the best ticket I recommend.

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