Real Web Marketing Web Design Portfolio

Web Design Portfolio

Below is a sampling of some of the web sites and blogs designed by Real Web Marketing Inc. personnel.

Ulan Nutritional Systems

This is a 2020 re-design of a site for Ulan Nutritional Systems, a company delivering training and consulting to healthcare practitioners nationwide. They are located in Clearwater, FL.

Plant Goddess Landscaping

This is a re-design of a site for Plant Goddess Landscaping, a landscape architecture company servicing the San Gabriel Valley area of Los Angeles.

Aloe Moist Organics

This is a site re-design we ​did for a line of skincare products called Aloe Moist Organics, located in Tampa. The site includes a WooCommerce shopping cart.

Katiraei Law

This is a site we created for Katiraei Law, a firm in New York City specializing in corporate immigration law.

UNS Health Store

This is a site designed for the UNS Health Store, an e-commerce store where health care professionals can buy products for their patients at wholesale prices.

MVP Discount Card

This is a re-design of a site for MVP Discount Card, a company that sells dry cleaning discount cards in southern and northern California and Arizona.

Effective Practice Management

This is a brand new company delivering practice management consulting and training to health care practices.

Gumix International

This is a brand new design of a site for Gumix International, a company creating gum products for a wide variety of uses, located in Fort Lee, NJ.

David Morse & Associates

This is a site re-design we just completed for David Morse & Associates, an independent insurance claims adjuster company headquartered in Los Angeles and with branch offices all over the U.S.

Big Tree Supply

This is a ​brand new site re-design we did for Big Tree Supply, a large tree nursery located in the Seattle area. The design includes a "Tree Finder" area, allowing visitors to browse through the 100 tree varieties listed. 

Chimney Products, Inc.

This is a new site we designed for Chimney Products, Inc., a manufacturer of chimney caps and other related products, in the Los Angeles area. The site is built using the Shopify system and features a shopping cart with over 400 products.

Silva Construction

This is a site re-design we just completed for Silva Construction, a residential and commercial remodeling specialist in San Pedro, CA.

JKR Company

This is a site design we did for JKR Company, a financial services company located in Los Angeles.

Complete Animal Eyecare Center

This is a new site re-design we completed for Complete Animal Eyecare Center in Sherman Oaks, CA.

Thunderbird Aviation

This is a website re-design we did recently for Thunderbird Aviation, a private airport with two locations in the Minneapolis area.

Conquering Your Adversities

This is a site we designed for author Dr. Kenneth Polke for his book "Conquering Your Adversities." This is a memoir he wrote about his experiences playing quarterback in the NFL, and later becoming a successful doctor.

RJC Roofing

This is a re-design w​e did for RJC Roofing, a roofing company located in Los Angeles.

Heavy Equipment Repair

This is a re-design of a site we did for Heavy Equipment Repair in Minneapolis.​

Shea Roofing, Inc.

This is a site for Shea Roofing Inc., a Burbank-based company that has been providing roofing services for residential homes around the Los Angeles area for 30 years.​

Through the Woods Design

This is a ​website design we did for Through the Woods Design, a landscape design company in Los Angeles.

After the Future Records

This is a new website for After the Future Records, a new record company in Los Angeles​

Dr. Larry Finn

This is a newly designed site for Dr. Larry Finn, a dentist in the Detroit area. It features a slide show animation on the home page an d is built in WordPress.​

Finding the Root Causes

This is a site created for Ulan Nutritional systems offering a popular free ebook.

Mobile Notary by Andrea

This is a site we created for Mobile Notary by Andrea, which provides mobile notary services to clients in the LA area.

Better Patient Results Ebook

This is a site we created for Ulan Nutritional Systems, for a free ebook they offer on getting better patient results for healthcare practitioners.

Veterinary Practice Transition

This is a site we created for Veterinary Practice Transition, a non-profit that helps veterinarians sell their practices. Practice owners can list their practices for sale on the site.

John Eberhard Music

This is a site for John Eberhard's music activities.

Feather River Veterinary Clinic

This was a web site re-design for Feather River Veterinary Clinic, in Marysville, CA.

My SEO Journey

This is a web site on Real Web Marketing President John Eberhard's research and findings on SEO.

Wild Beauty Botanicals

This is a brand new design of a site for Wild Beauty Botanicals, a company making several skin care products.

Real Web Client News

This site features news from Real Web Marketing clients.