Web Design Portfolio

Below is a sampling of some of the web sites and blogs designed by Real Web Marketing Inc. personnel.

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Ulan Nutritional Systems

This is a re-design of a site for Ulan Nutritional Systems, a company delivering training and consulting to healthcare practitioners nationwide. They are located in Clearwater, FL.

Gumix International

This is a brand new design of a site for Gumix International, a company creating gum products for a wide variety of uses, located in Fort Lee, NJ.

Soriano Orthodontics

This is a ​brand new site re-design we did for ​Soriano Orthodontics, a large practice with three locations, in the Atlanta area.

Big Tree Supply

This is a ​brand new site re-design we did for Big Tree Supply, a large tree nursery located in the Seattle area. The design includes a "Tree Finder" area, allowing visitors to browse through the 100 tree varieties listed. 

Aloe Moist Organics

This is a site re-design we ​did for a line of skincare products called Aloe Moist Organics, located in Tampa. The site includes a WooCommerce shopping cart.

Silva Construction

This is a site re-design we just completed for Silva Construction, a residential and commercial remodeling specialist in San Pedro, CA.

David Morse & Associates

This is a site re-design we just completed for David Morse & Associates, an independent insurance claims adjuster company headquartered in Los Angeles and with branch offices all over the U.S.

Conquering Your Adversities

This is a site we designed for author Dr. Kenneth Polke for his book "Conquering Your Adversities." This is a memoir he wrote about his experiences playing quarterback in the NFL, and later becoming a successful doctor.

Blue Sky Chimney Sweeps

This is a site re-design we did for Blue Sky Chimney Sweeps in the Minneapolis area. We also designed the new logo.

Atkinson Baker

This is one of a series of 15 microsites we designed for Atkinson-Baker, a court reporting company with headquarters in Glendale, CA and with offices all over the US. 

Chimney Products, Inc.

This is a new site we designed for Chimney Products, Inc., a manufacturer of chimney caps and other related products, in the Los Angeles area. The site is built using the Shopify system and features a shopping cart with over 400 products.

Complete Animal Eyecare Center

This is a new site re-design we completed for Complete Animal Eyecare Center in Sherman Oaks, CA.

Retirement Planning Associates

This is a new site design we did for Retirement Planning Associates, a financial services company located in Los Angeles.

Veneman Dental Care

This is a re-design we did for Veneman Dental Care, with two locations in Maplewood, MN and St. Croix Falls, WI.

Thunderbird Aviation

This is a website re-design we did recently for Thunderbird Aviation, a private airport with two locations in the Minneapolis area.

Heavy Equipment Repair

This is a re-design of a site we did for Heavy Equipment Repair in Minneapolis.​

RJC Roofing

This is a re-design w​e did for RJC Roofing, a roofing company located in Los Angeles.

Through the Woods Design

This is a ​website design we did for Through the Woods Design, a landscape design company in Los Angeles.

Shea Roofing, Inc.

This is a site for Shea Roofing Inc., a Burbank-based company that has been providing roofing services for residential homes around the Los Angeles area for 30 years.​

Ultra Balm Skincare

This is a new site re-design completed for Ultra Balm Skincare. This is a large site with lots of content including a shopping cart where they sell their skin care products.​

Polypro International, Inc.

This is a new site re-design completed for Polypro International, Inc., a company in Minneapolis that imports guar gum products.​

Tomann Educational Trust

This is a site we designed for Tomann Educational Trust, a trust that funds higher education for members of their family.​

Gary Burkhart Dentistry

We recently created a new site design for dentist Gary Burkhart, in Bartonsville, PA.​

Bighorn Veterinary Consulting

We completed a new web site design for Bighorn Veterinary Consulting.​

California DanceArts

This is a brand new site re-design we did for a set of three web sites for California DanceArts, a dance school located in La Canada, CA. This is the site for the school itself, which offers dance classes and performance opportunities for everything from young children to professional dancers. Others sites below are for California Contemporary Ballet, the professional dance company founded by Aerin Holt, founder of California DanceArts, and a site for "The Snow Queen," an original ballet performed by the dance company each December in Glendale, CA.

The sites are all done in WordPress, allowing the client to make changes to content themselves, an important element for this fast paced organization. They also feature photo galleries and videos.

Quinn Dental

We re-designed this website for Quinn Dental in Minneapolis.​

Charter Committee Los Angeles

This is a re-designed site for the Charter Committee Los Angeles, which provides business consulting and educational seminars for business owners.​

​Transit Team

This is a re-designed site for Transit Team, a company that provides bus service for elderly and disabled people in the Minneapolis area.​

California Contem-porary Ballet

This is one of a set of three sites we created for California Contemporary Ballet, a professional dance company, and for California DanceArts, and The Snow Queen, an original ballet performed by California Contemporary Ballet each December.

West Coast Fab, Inc.

This is a web re-design we just completed for West Coast Fab Inc., a precision sheet metal fabrication company located in Richmond, CA​

Building Cleaning Services

This is a re-design completed for Building Cleaning Services of Los Angeles, who does mold removal, water damage restoration, post construction cleanup, and office cleaning. The site is built in WordPress.​

Dr. Larry Finn

This is a newly designed site for Dr. Larry Finn, a dentist in the Detroit area. It features a slide show animation on the home page an d is built in WordPress.​

Steven Laifer, DDS

We completed a web site re-design for Steven Laifer, DDS, a dentist in Cresskill, NJ, which is 15 miles north of New York City.​

Allen Landscapes

We re-designed this site for Allen Landscapes, an award-winning landscaping company in the San Diego area. Check out their impressive body of landscape work.​

Mobile Notary by Andrea

This is a site we created for Mobile Notary by Andrea, which provides mobile notary services to clients in the LA area.

Wild Beauty Botanicals

This is a brand new design of a site for Wild Beauty Botanicals, a company making several skin care products.

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