by John Eberhard

You work hard to drive people to your web site. But only a small percentage of them ever respond to you. There is now a new method that allows you to get your message out to those people again, after they leave your site. It is called “remarketing.”

Remarketing is a brilliant new tool that can be used to improve the marketing of your products and services online. Here’s how it works:

Let’s say you’re interested in buying a widget. So you visit the web site for Tom’s Widgets. But you don’t buy anything right away.

You go on your way to visit other web sites. But when you visited the site for Tom’s Widgets, a cookie was placed on your computer (via special code on their web site) that identifies you as someone who has visited that site.

Now, when you visit other web sites that allow advertising and are part of one of the big advertising networks, you will see a banner ad or text ad for Tom’s Widgets (sometimes more than one ad on a page). And you will continue seeing ads for Tom’s Widgets as you browse the Internet, for a specified period of time, usually between 30 and 90 days.

You may have noticed this phenomena lately when you visited some site, and then started seeing ads for that company everywhere, over and over again, wherever you went online.

You can see that this is potentially a very powerful tool. People visit your web site and so they are theoretically the right public to buy your products or services. Remarketing allows you to target them repeatedly with banner ads or text ads, enticing them to come back to your site and buy something.

There are a number of remarketing networks, including doing it through Google AdWords and having your ads appear on their AdSense network. But you can also use remarketing even if you are not using pay per click advertising with Google AdWords, by using one of the other remarketing networks.

With a challenging economy, one must use every available tool to properly market your company. Remarketing is an excellent new tool to improve the generation of leads and sales for your company.