By John Eberhard

Occasionally you can put up a pay per click advertising campaign with Google AdWords that produces lots of people filling out the form on your web site, but you can then find it hard to actually reach a majority of these people to sell them something.

Since the idea behind putting up a Google AdWords campaign is usually to generate leads so that you can sell them something, this is a concern and something must be done about it.

One thing to remember is that the goal of an effective promotional campaign is always to generate leads that you can then contact and close, with an adequate number of closes and with a low enough cost per lead to be viable. And in most cases this can be achieved.

So here’s what I would do in such a case where you are having trouble reaching a majority of the leads.

  1. You can always change your landing pages so that the only option is for the person to call you. This is a drastic option, but it will definitely result in you being able to reach the people, because the only ones responding will be calling you. The ones who pick up the phone will nearly always be hotter than those filling out a form. Bear in mind that your cost per lead will almost definitely go up.
  1. Take a look at the ad and landing page. Make sure the ad and the information on the landing page are actually qualifying people. What I mean by this is: does the text in the ad and on the landing page clearly enough state what you do and what your product is, so that only the qualified people who could possibly buy your product will fill out the form?
  1. Put an adequate amount of sales text on your landing page. Sometimes it can happen that the landing page doesn’t have enough data on it to sell the person or for him to actually know what he is signing up for. In this case, he might fill out the form but won’t be very motivated to call you back.
  1. Set up an autoresponder series. This is a series of emails that go out to the person once he fills out your form. Usually one goes out right away, then another 3 days after, then 7 days, then 11, days, etc. You can set up the interval to be whatever you want. The idea is that the emails will educate and sell the prospect on your product or service. So if you are having trouble reaching him at least he will be receiving the emails. The beauty of this system is that once you do the work of writing and designing the emails and setting up the system, it does the job of selling the prospect automatically, or at least helps it along. This is particularly important with high-ticket items.

Particularly if you are getting a lot of people filling out your form, don’t give up on the campaign. Keep working at it until you achieve the product of a viable campaign that is producing both leads AND sales.