Yahoo and MSN Combine Forces on Pay Per Click

Here's some important news from MSN and Yahoo on their combining their two pay per click ad programs. Note that they say this will not go into effect until the end of 2010 or beginning of 2011.

A powerful new choice in search is coming

Yahoo! and Microsoft Search Alliance is a major initiative between our
companies to create a competitive choice in search for advertisers and
consumers. The combined scale will assist both companies in speeding
the pace of innovation to improve the search user experience, as well
as help advertisers get better results and help improve monetization
for partners. 

When the Yahoo! and Microsoft Search Alliance is implemented, both
companies will continue to have differentiated consumer search
experiences. However, Microsoft will manage the technology platforms
that deliver the algorithmic (powered by Bing) and paid (powered by
adCenter) search results. 

Yahoo! and Microsoft will each provide customer support to different
advertiser segments: Yahoo!’s sales team will exclusively support high
volume advertisers, SEO and SEM agencies, and resellers and their
clients. Microsoft will support self-service advertisers. In addition,
Microsoft adCenter will be the platform for all search campaigns.

More volume, less effort.
Search ad inventory from Yahoo!, Microsoft, and their respective
partners will be combined into a new unified search marketplace, giving
advertisers of all sizes access to a combined audience of nearly 577
million searchers worldwide.1

Our aim is a high quality transition of advertisers and partners in at
least the US prior to the 2010 holiday season. However, we may wait
until 2011 if we determine this will be more effective.

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